pntfo schedule and results

2022 Event Schedule and Results

Jan. 158:00AMUW Preview Indoor Meet (Sat 1/15/22)Dempsey IndoorResults
Jan. 288:00AMUW Invite (Fri -Sat 1/28-29/22)Dempsey IndoorResults
Feb. 118:00AMHusky Classic (Fir-Sat 1/11-12/22)Dempsey IndoorResults
Feb. 258:00AMPac 12 Invite (Fri-Sat 2/25-26/22)Dempsey IndoorResults
Feb. 262:00PMSPU Final Qualifier Meet (Saturday 2/26/22)Dempsey IndoorResults
Mar. 57:00AMUPS Track and Field (Sat 3/5/2022)University of Puget SoundResults
Mar. 127:00AMPLU Track (Sat 3/12/2022)Pacific Lutheran UniversityResults
Mar. 162:00PMJuanita vs Lake Washington (Wed 3/16/22)Juanita HSResults
Mar. 172:00PMLiberty vs Bellevue (Thur 3/17/22)Liberty HSResults
Mar. 197:00AMSPU Doris Heritage Track Festival (3/19/2022)West Seattle StadiumResults
Mar. 222:00PMJuanita vs Liberty (3/22/22Juanita HSResults
Mar. 232:00PMMt. Si vs Skyline (Wednesday 3/23/22)Skyline High SchoolResults
Mar. 242:00PMLake Washington, Hazen ( Thursday 3/24/22)Lake Wash High SchoolResults
Mar. 267:00AMNWC Conference T&F Meet (Sat 3/26/2022)University of Pudget SoundResults
Mar. 292:00PMMt Si Track (Tuesday 3/29/22)Mt Si HSResults
Mar. 302:00PMLake Wash, Mercer Island (Wed 3/30/22)Lake Wash HSResults
Mar. 312:00PMLiberty, vs Hazen (Thur 3/31/22Liberty HSResults
Apr. 27:00AMWester Washington University Track (Sat 4/2/2022)Western Washington UniversityResults
Apr. 27:00AMLiberty Invitational (Sat 4/2/22)Liberty High SchoolResults
Apr. 52:00PMInterlake HS (5/5/22 Tues)Interlake HSResults
Apr. 62:00PMMt. Si Track (Wed 4/6/22)Mt. Si HSResults
Apr. 72:00PMNewport vs Skyline ( Thursday 4/7/22)Skyline High SchoolResults
Apr. 97:00AMPLU Invitational (Sat 4/9/22)University of Puget SoundResults
Apr. 131:00PMEastside Catholic HS TrackEastside Catholic HSResults
Apr. 192:00PMMercer Island HS (Tues 4/19/22)Mercer Island HSResults
Apr. 202:00PMMt. Si Track (Wed 4/20/22)Mt. Si HSResults
Apr. 227:00AMNWC Conference Championship ( Fri - Sat 4/22-23/2022)University of Pudget SoundResults
Apr. 272:00PMLake Wash vs Bellevue (4/27/22Lake Wash High SchoolResults
Apr. 282:00PMJuanita vs Interlake (Thur4/28/22)Juanita High SchoolResults
Apr. 307:00AMWester Washington University Track (Sat 4/30/2022)Western Washington UniversityResults
May. 42:00PMJuanita vs Lake Washington (Wed 5/4/22)Lake Wash High SchoolResults
May. 52:00PMLiberty IDS T&F Meet (Thurs 5/4/22)Liberty HSResults
May. 62:00PMLiberty Twilight T&F Meet (Friday 5/6/22)Liberty High SchoolResults
May. 102:00PMLake Wash JV Track Meet (Tue 5/10/22)Lake Wash High SchoolResults
May. 112:00PMKingCo Conferance Championship Wed, Thur, Fri 5/11, 12, 13/22)Juanita High SchoolResults
May. 128:00AMWAC Outdoor Championship (Thur, Fri, Sat 5/12-14/22)UW StadiumResults
May. 182:00PMSeaKing Conference Championship (Wed, Fri 5/18, 20/ 22Southwest Complex SeattleResults
May. 267:00AMWIAA State Track And Field Meet (Thur, Fri, Sat. 5/26, 27,28/22)Mt. Tahoma HSResults
Jun. 22:00PMLake Wash Middle School T & F Meet (6/2/22 Thurs)Juanita HSResults
Jun. 47:00AMCYO Track and Field Meet (Sat, 6/4/22)Highline StadiumResults
Jun. 1512:00PMBrooks Invitational (Wed 6/15/22)UW Track StadiumResults
Jun. 187:00AMMasters Open Patty Petesch Meet (Sat 6/18/22)West Seattle StadiumResults
Jun. 247:00AMJ.O. Championship T & F MeetMt. Tahoma HS StadiumResults
Jul. 77:00AMJO's Regional Championship (7/7, 8, 9, 10 /22)Hanford HS Richland, WAResults
Sep. 82:00PMEastlake CC (Wed 9/8/22)Beaver Lake ParkResults
Sep. 132:00PMEmerald Sound CC Meet (Tue 9/13/22)Magnuson ParkResults
Sep. 178:00AMPLU Invitational (Sat 9/17/22)PLUResults
Sep. 202:00PMEmerald Sound CC Meet (Tues 9/20/22)Lincoln ParkResults
Sep. 247:00AMBill Roe XC Classic (Sat. 9/24/22)Ferndale, WAResults
Sep. 282:00PMEastlake CC Pumpkin Dash (Wed 9/28/22)Beaver Lake ParkResults
Oct. 112:00PMEmerald Sound CC Meet (Tue 10/11/22)Upper Woodland Park, Seattle, WAResults
Oct. 182:00PMEmerald Sound CC Meet (Tue 10/18/22)Seward ParkResults
Oct. 219:00AMMetro CC Championship (Fri.10/21/22)Lower Woodland Park, SeattleResults
Oct. 227:00AMD-II Pre Nationals CC Meet (Sat. Oct 22,2022)Chambers BayResults
Oct. 242:00PMKingCo 4A Sub Varsity Invite (Mon 10/24/22)Marymoore ParkResults
Oct. 252:00PMLWSD Middle School Championship CC Meet (Tue 10/25/22)LWSD Middle School Championship CC MeetResults
Oct. 262:00PMTacoma MS XC Championship (Wed 10/26/22)Mt. Tahoma HSResults
Oct. 272:00PMSea-King District CC Championship (Thur 10/ 27/22)Lower Woodland Park, SeattleResults
Nov. 67:00AMOpen/Masters Association CC Championship Meet (Sun 11/6/22)Lincoln Park Seattle, WAResults
Nov. 117:00AMNCAA Division 1 West Regional Championship (Fri 11/11/22)Chambers CreekResults
Nov. 127:00AMNWC Championship (Sat. 11/12/22)Chambers BayResults
Nov. 127:00AMJO's Association CC Meet (Sat 11/12/22)Magnuson ParkResults
Nov. 197:00AMJO's Region 13 CC Meet (Sat 11/19/22)Chambers BayResults
Nov. 1911:30AMNorthwest Region Open/Masters CC Meet (Sat 11/19/22)Chambers BayResults
Dec. 27:00AMNCAA D-2 National Cross Country Championship (Fri 12/2/22)Chambers CreekResults
Jan. 47:00AMUPS Invitational (Sta 3/4/23)UPS InvitationalSchedule
Jan. 137:00AMUW Preview (Fri - Sat 1/13-14/23)UW Dempsey IndoorSchedule
Jan. 277:00AMUW Invite (Fri - Sat 1/27-28/23)UW Dempsey IndoorSchedule
Feb. 107:00AMHusky Classic (Fri - Sat 2/10-11/23)UW Dempsey IndoorSchedule
Feb. 117:00AMHigh School Invite (Sat, Sun 2/11-12/23)UW Dempsey IndoorSchedule
Feb. 257:00AMPac - 12 Invite (Sat - Sun 2/25-26/23)UW Dempsey IndoorSchedule
Mar. 47:00AMPLU Invitational Sat (3/4/23)PLU Track StadiumSchedule
Mar. 187:00AMSPU Invitational (Sat 3/18/23)Renton StadiumSchedule
Mar. 211:30PMBellevue vs Mercer Island (Tue 3/21/23)Mercer Island HSSchedule
Mar. 221:00PMInterlake vs Liberty vs Juanita (Wed 3/22/23)Juanita HSSchedule
Mar. 231:00PMEastlake vs Skyline (Thur 3/23/23)Skyline HSSchedule
Mar. 257:00AMPLU Invitational Sat (3/25/23PLU Track StadiumSchedule
Mar. 281:00PMLake Washington vs Interlake (Tue 3/28/23)Interlake HSSchedule
Mar. 291:00PMIssaquah vs Mt Si (Wed 3/29/23)Mt Si HSSchedule
Mar. 301:00PMBellevue vs Liberty (Thur 3/30/23)Liberty HSSchedule
Apr. 41:00PMMt Si vs Skyline HS (Tue 4/4/23)Skyline HSSchedule
Apr. 51:00PMMercer Island vs Lake Washington (Wed 4/5/23)Lake Washington HSSchedule
Apr. 52:00PMMercer Island vs Lake Washington (Wed 4/5/23Lake Washington HSSchedule
Apr. 61:30PMJuanita vs Liberty (Thur 4/6/23)Liberty HSSchedule
Apr. 107:00AMPLU Multi Events Mon, Tue (4/10, 11, 2023)PLU Track StadiumSchedule
Apr. 201:00PMEastlake vs Mt Si (Thur 4/20/23)Mt Si HSSchedule
Apr. 251:00PMHazen vs Interlake (Tue 4/25/23)Interlake HSSchedule
Apr. 261:00PMLiberty vs Mercer Island vs Lake Washington (Wed 4/26/23)Lake Washington HSSchedule
Apr. 271:00PMBellevue vs Juanita (Thur 4/27/23)Juanita HSSchedule
Apr. 297:00AMWWU Track & Field Meet (Sat 4/29/23)Bellingham, WASchedule
May. 11:00PM4A Bi-District Championship (5/19-20/2023 Fri, Sat)Renton StadiumSchedule
May. 31:00PMJuanita vs Lake Washington (Wed 4/5/23)Lake Washington HSSchedule
May. 41:00PMMt Si vs Mercer Island (Thur 5/4/23)Mercer Island HSSchedule
May. 55:00PMLiberty Twilight InvitationalLiberty HSSchedule
May. 127:00AMKingCo Championship Fri, Sat (5/12, 13 2023Renton StadiumSchedule
May. 191:00PMKingCo District T & F Championship (Wed, Fri 5/17,19/2023)Southwest Complex, SeattleSchedule
May. 257:00AMWIAA State 2A, 3A, 4A, T&F Championship (5/25, 26, 27/2023)Mt. Tahoma High SchoolSchedule