Re-certification Information 2017-2020


Recertification Information (2017-2020) Olympiad

The certification of all USATF officials expires December 31, 2016, the end of the current Olympiad. Officials wishing to recertify for the 2017-2020 Olympiad must accomplish the actions outlined in the linked document below.

One of those steps is to complete a rules review appropriate to your certification level and discipline. These rules reviews once completed are to be sent to your respective certification chair. For example if you are in the North Carolina Association, you will return the review to Roger Burbage. Do not return it to Len Krsak, Rich Schornstein, Jimmy Stuart or Bob Podkaminer.

Each Association sets their own requirements for recertification such as fees, etc. Contact your certification chair for specific details. All certification chairs have been given the review materials, information on background checks and SafeSport so refer all questions to them.

Revised rules reviews for track & field, race walk, and implement inspector can now be found on the NOC website. Reviews for additional disciplines will be posted there soon. Officials should use the 2016 USATF rulebook for the USATF portion and the 2015-2016 NCAA rule book when completing their reviews.