Newsletter February 2017


A Message to Cert Chairs from Roger Burbage

At this point in time I cannot do the following:

  • Add levels or demote levels
  • Issue new certification numbers therefore all new officials’ info will be posted as a “Pending” or “Incomplete”. When I receive access, I will post an email. I suggest that you create a spreadsheet with changes I cannot provide. I will collect them before printing of cards. This will enable them to make sure the changes would be added to cards.

Recertification can be completed at this time. Errors will be noted if either the SafeSport Course or the Background Check has not been completed. Certification Chairs should check the national listing for demographic errors. When the process is completed, officials will receive an email confirming certifications and access to the free shirt.

Certification Chairs are to send SafeSport Course or the Background Check information directly to the USATF National Office, attention Desiree Friedman.

Until further notice association fees are to be sent to me, Roger Burbage and made out to “USATF Officials”. These fees will be promptly forwarded to Doug Allen, N.O.C. Treasurer. It is suggested that Cert Chairs keep a spreadsheet of official’s fee payments.

Roger Burbage
N.O.C. Vice Chair Certification
4605 Limerick Drive
Raleigh, N.C. 27604-3525

SafeSport Clarification

It has come to our attention that officials needing to complete the SafeSport requirement for recertification have been taking the SafeSport refresher course instead of the initial SafeSport course. Those individuals have had to go back to the SafeSport site and take the initial course. If you still need to complete the SafeSport requirement make sure you take the correct course.

USATF Rules of the Month

Rule 301 - For Youth Athletics, the indoor weight throw is now a recognized event for 15-16 and 17-18 divisions.

Rule 195.8 - The maximum overall length of the throwing weight shall not exceed 410.0 mm at any time.

* This maximum length is now identical in all rules books and applies to NFHS when contested as a special event.

Do you have a rule that you would like to see addressed by our Rules Chair? Email Laurie Boemker with your suggestions and maybe it will be featured next issue.

NCAA Rule Focus ~ Competitors Attire

NCAA 4-3.1 Clarification - Competitors Attire

On any given day, all competitors on a team (gender separate) will wear uniforms that are identical in color, logo and combination of all outer garments worn as a uniform. (e.g., sprinters may wear spandex top and bottoms, distance runners may wear split running shorts and a singlet, throwers may wear long shorts or pants and throwing shirts on the same day provided that all uniforms are identical in color and school logo).

The note in 4-3.2 is a good guide. The effect of this rule is that no imagination shall be required to justify a clear sense of belonging to a team.

The committee requests that the violations be recorded and reported. Violations may be submitted by meet management and/or conferences when applicable by utilizing the NCAA Violation Reporting system link or by emailing Mark Kostek, Secretary Rules Editor at Kostekmt@gmail.com.

NCAA Discus Figure 20a

Thanks to George Kleeman and those who pointed it out to him, but there is an error regarding the drawing of the discus - page 38 of the 2017-2018 NCAA Rules. The discus rim thickness should be 6 mm per the IAAF and USATF specifications and not the 8 mm that is shown on the drawing.

Mark Kostek has noted this in the NCAA Interpretations and it will be corrected in the next NCAA edition.

Laurie Boemker
N.O.C. Vice Chair Rules

Did You Know?

False Start Rule - In the early years, any competitor(s) charged with a false start could be issued a one yard penalty. For a second false start, the runner moved back another yard and a disqualification for the third false start.

USATF Rule Book Update

The 2017 USATF Rule Book has not yet gone to the printers. The earliest that the new Rule Book could be ready is the USA Indoor Championships.

Hall of Fame Committee Update

To My Fellow Officials:

I am honored that Scott Rose has appointed me as the new chair of the Officials Hall of Fame held each year during the USATF Annual Meeting. First and foremost I want to thank Sue Polansky who has now decided to retire from the chair’s position that she had held since our first induction ceremony. We all owe her a well-deserved thank you for all the hard work she has put into the event each year.

As I take the reins I hope to do a job that would be worthy of Sue’s praise as the Hall of Fame moves into another year.

I’m looking to the committee, which Sue will remain part of to lend their knowledge, expertise and help during the transition. I’m excited to get started and looking for each of you to really think about the person(s) that you believe belongs in the Officials Hall of Fame. We want that exceptional, hardworking, devoted official to be nominated this coming year. All the information you need is currently listed on the USATF website under Resources For, then click on Officials. A criterion is there along with the form necessary to nominate someone. There may be a few changes to the form so please hold off on your nominations until May.1st when we will begin to solicit nominations.

Karen Krsak
Chair, National Officials Hall of Fame

Recertification Rules Review (2017-2020) Olympiad

With the exception of a few rules review, your certification chair has been emailed the current reviews for the various disciplines. These same reviews are being sent to the USATF National Office for placement on the N.O.C. rules review website. The N.O.C. does not have direct access to make updates to the officials webpages so current changes may take a few days. Please check with your certification chair for the latest information.

NFHS Pre-Meet Notes

Do you work your local high school and junior high track and field meets? You may find the latest edition of the NFSH Pre-Meets Notes a valuable edition for preparing for those meets. Download the NFHS Pre-Meet Notes today.

N.O.C. Annual Report

See the annual report of the National Officials Committee, compiled at the USATF Annual Meeting in December at Meeting Minutes and Reports webpage. It contains reports of the officers and subcommittee chairs for the year 2016. Also on this webpage you can find the minutes of the N.O.C. Executive Committee’s Annual Meeting.

Best Practices

There are 22 newly updated documents in the Best Practices library. Check out the items in your discipline at the Resources Library. In addition, since we’re in tax season, see the document titled “Income Tax Considerations” in the “Financial category.

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