UW Classic


UW Classic
2-10-17, (Friday)  4:00 pm to 8:20 pm
2-11-17,  (Saturday) 10:00 am to 5:40 pm

UW Indoor Open

2-12-17,  (Sunday)  8:30 am to 4:15 pm

Thanks for the response to my email a few days ago. We are still a bit short, but  we have enough officials to put on a meet. We could use a few more to make things easier on the rest of the team. The schedule is only the tentative schedule because the final will not come out until later in the week. When you enter The Dempsey there is a table across the track from the door with the final schedule. You will have to pick one up since I won't be able to email one to you.

The assignments for Friday are here and the schedule is here. Saturday's assignments are here and the schedule is here. Sunday is the Open and that assignment list is here and the schedule is here. Carole Langenbach will be doing any changes between now and the meet. If you need to, you may email her. Her name is the link to the email address.

I will plan on sending out the information on the Mountain Pacific Championships sometime over the weekend. The schedule was just released and that will be included with the email.